This is what Nicholas Ringskog Ferrada-Noli writes about Ensemble Villancico's anniversary concert at Concert hall in Stockholm March 30 (DN, 01/04/2015):

"Ensemble Villancico stand for high-spirited joy, passionate multiculturalism and hilarious entertainment."

"Eight singers, four players, two dancers and the animated conducter Pontvik make sure the audience doesn't experience any idle moments. I have never seen such a joyful ensemble - the singers are smiling all the time, and not without reason. This South American renaissance and baroque music is bursting with joy and expression."

" The musical depth lies not so much in the individual compositions, but rather in the synthethic totality: the musical encounter between Spanish sacral musicians, South American natives and African slaves. Colonialism was a terrible endeavour, making this artistic side effect even more captivating in its affirmative fervency."

"...hard not to be deeply affected by Ensemble Villancico's boundless love for music. Cultural history does not get more inviting than this."

Read the whole article here. (in Swedish)