• ¡Fiesta Barroca Latina!
    A staged concert that incurs in the religious and popular festivities of 17th and 18th century Latin America.
    (Setting: 8 singers, 4 instrumentalists, 2 dancers, conductor)

  • Sweden's Earliest Mass - anno 1598
    The "Missa Lauda Jerusalem" is Sweden's oldest liturgical work by known composer - Bertil Kellner. 
    (Setting: 6 singers, 6 instrumentalists, organ, conductor)

  • Ecuador Baroque
    Modern time world premiere of sacred and popular music from Ecuador in the 1680's!
    (Setting: 8 singers, 4 instrumentalists, conductor, [2 dancers])
  • The Jungle Book of the Baroque
    A number of varied programmes with sparkling, colourful renaissance and baroque music from Latin America.
    (Setting: 8 singers, 4 instrumentalists, 2 dancers)
  • The Källunge Codex 1622
    Beautiful and powerful sacred polyphony of German origin, rediscovered on the Swedish island Gotland.
    (Setting: 8 singers, organ, trombone, conductor)
  • Cancionero de Upsala 1556
    Enchanting Spanish renaissance madrigals – a war-trophy from the Thirty Years' War?
    (Setting: 8 singers, 4 instrumentalists, 2 dancers)
  • Renässans så in i Norden! – A Nordic Renaissance
    An exquisite selection of Scandinavian 16th-century collections, including "Cancionero de Upsala" and "Piae Cantiones".
    (Setting: 8 singers, 4 instrumentalists)

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