On this CD-single you find seven songs by Claudin de Sermisy (ca 1490-1562). The songs are in four parts, and written on the back side of one of the packs of cardsthat come with the magnificent cabinet which in 1632 was presented to the Swedish king Gustav II Adolf by the German city of Augsburg.


Jessica Bäcklund (soprano)
Annasara Johansson (soprano)
Dan Johansson (countertenor)
Peter Pontvik (countertenor)
Carl-Fredrik Jaensson (tenor)
Mattias Öberg (tenor)
Yamandú Pontvik (baryton)
Magnus Schultzberg (bass)
Markus Ström (recorder)
Karl Nyhlin (lute)
Lena Weman (viola da gamba)
Karl Thorsson (percussion)

This CD is no longer available.


    Hau le boys
    Joyssance je vous donneray
    Ami souffrai
    Vignon vignette
    Dont vient cela